Artists + Designers

Alia Parker + Laura Pike

Spoke + Spool, a small clothing project established in September 2009, is freewheeling clothes for bike lovers and transforms existing second hand and vintage clothing into cycle friendly, functional garments. The project springs from an interest in textile systems and the development of alternative and sustainable approaches to fashion and reuse. Teaming eco-fashion with cycling is a natural progression as more Sydneysiders take to their bicycles and commute around the city. Each garment is unique and handmade, often customised for individuals.

Spoke + Spool is currently working on their second collection whilst developing and running a series of workshops – entitled ‘Stitch-a-Ride’. The workshops are designed to facilitate members of the community to alter and transform their own existing clothing in a supported environment. Building on the growing demographic of young creatives developing engaging ideas and sharing skills are key aims of the workshops.


Laura Pike is a Sydney-based artist, designer, producer, photgrapher and maker. Laura graduated from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW, in 2007, where she majored in graphics and textile design. Laura was Costume Designer on Donors (Short film, 2009) and production designer on Lady Macbeth of Mtensk. Laura has worked as a freelance graphic designer and fashion stylist for many years. She is brand manager for Arts Radar, an independent theatre production company, and has numerous private clients.


Alia Parker is a 25-year-old multi-disciplinary designer/maker living and working in Sydney with her practice focused primarily on textile design, textile construction, environments,  jewelry, with an emphasis on sustainable and systemic design concepts. In 2006, Alia formed a solo studio, Push Me Pull Me Projects, and collaborated with a diversity of artists and clients such as local Sydney performance groups ‘Poss and the Frank’, ‘Brown Council’ and ‘Spat and Loogie’ in the design and fabrication of costumes and props. In mid 2009, Alia teamed up with Laura Pike, a fellow CoFA graduate, as APPL Design.