Tour Guide + Performer

Bravo Child is a Spoken Word artist, Graphic Designer and Creative Workshop Facilitator.

Since 2003 Spoken Word has taken Bravo to Schools, Conference Centres, Detention Centres, Community Halls, cafes, libraries and festival stages such as Sydney Writers’ Festival, Newcastle’s National Young Writers’ Festival, The Great Escape, Woodford Folk Festival, Melbourne’s Overload Festival and the Sydney Opera House. He has also regularly appeared in spoken word and poetry nights such as Token Word, Word in Hand and various Poetry Slams. Recently he appeared with fellow performer Thomas Keily in Draw Me a Map My Brother – as part of Underbelly Arts Public Lab and Festival – a performance developed over the course of the Arts Lab and performed during the festival to much acclaim.

Bravo also runs creative workshops, focussing on communication and fluidity of thought. Through energetic, interactive games and exercises, participants approach their work-a-day world from a multitude of angles. Word play, improvisation, body percussion, logic games, breathing exercises, song writing, media design and team-based problem solving are used to overload the ‘circuits’ and rejuvenate purposeful, creative living.

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