Script Writer,  Performer + Tour Guide

Eddie Sharp is a writer, performer and curator who lives and works in Sydney. He has a BA (Hons) in Performance and Video from COFA. Eddie is the founder and co-director of The Imperial Panda Festival. He is also the director, co-devisor and performer theatre group Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarbs Rhubarbs whose shows include, “Some Film Museums I Have
Known” (2010 – Nextwave Festival) “The Mad Max Remix” (2009 – Imperial Panda Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Worlds Funniest Island) and “Wonka! A Live Cinema Remix” (2006 – Lan Franchis, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Imperial Panda Festival) He was a co-devisor and performer in Mogo Zoo’s “The Tent” (2008 – Nextwave
Festival, Performance Space Liveworks Festival, Campbelltown Arts Centre).
He is the founder and co-director of Erotic Fan Fiction Readings, an ongoing program of erotic short story readings, with performances at The Imperial Panda Festival, Sydney Writers Festival, Worlds Funniest Island and The Wheeler Centre for Books Writing and Ideas. Contributing authors include Jennifer Byrne, Brendan Cowell, Lally Katz and HG Nelson. He is a proud member of the Cab Sav collective.

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