Sydney Statues: Project! has been made possible with the help of many truly amazing individuals and businesses. It was a project far bigger than we could ever have anticipated, and as a result we have relied on many favours and a lot of wonderful generosity.

We would like to acknowledge the following partners and supporters

We would like to thank the following individuals:
Kristy Austin, Sasha Baroni, Tash Bowron, Graeme Blondell, Jess Cook and 405, Nick Cassey, Jesse Cox, Margaret Desgrand, Mark Dunn, Leonie Grace, Glynis Jones, Chris Hancock, Rebecca Harding, Kate Harding, Clare Holland, Deidre Kennedy, Lisa Murray, Helen McCosker, Kirsty McCosker, Gill Minervini, Zoe Pollock, Kali Reid, Lynette Robertson, Catherine Semmler, Pete Strong, Simon Walkom, David West, Simon Wellington, Al Wyatt

With love and thanks
Michelle & Imogen

Sydney Statues Project is produced by The Occasional Collective with Creative Director Michelle McCosker in association with City of Sydney for Art & About Sydney 2010.


Donate to Sydney Statues: Project! and help us raise the last of our funds needed to cover costs and get the Statues dressed for the party! We are hoping to raise $10,000 by the end of October.

You can make a tax deductible donation to the Australia Cultural Fund, operated by the Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF).

This Fund was established to encourage people to donate to the arts and enable art projects such as ours to benefit from this generosity. All donations are made to AbaF which considers donor preferences when allocating grants. In the past six years more than $6 million has been donated to AbaF and granted in full to more than 300 artists and projects.

We have attached a donation form which you can complete and return to AbaF. For more information on AbaF’s Australia Cultural Fund visit

Please don’t hesitate to contact Producer Imogen Semmler if you have any queries about the process for making donations.

Imogen Semmler

The Occasional Collective

Producer ‘Sydney Statues: Project!’

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